mukarnas dresuar

Mukarnas collection…


From Süleymaniye to Selimiye, from Hammam's to Medresseh's, from columns to Minbars... With a touch on the mukarnas motive, in the middle of where men prostrates himself during prayer and those motives  full of crazy mathematical formula... We as SERHANGURKAN design team have created a unique design which we named 'Mukarnas Collection'. We tried to carry the sense of our own historical culture with its uniqueness to our daily lives.


We present a new contemporary esthetical form derived from the 'Mukarnas' motive itself, which looks very complicated  but is only a repetition of a simple form unit.


The Mukarnas Collection is created for design purposes to be used  in modern houses or  contemporary environments  to present a sense of history with new forms and functions .


During our search through the crazy world of Mukarnas motives, our story has changed little bit in the last year. They became more free, more kinky and more humurous and here they are: our sexy couples, ‘the m2 Love Generation Stools’ . The simplicity of a single unit’s reversal behavior creates an instinctive potential energy  to bring them together as the nature asks us . They are meant to be together. Single units but only until they discover themselves.