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for whom the search starts...

We are now ready to share our latest furniture collection FETISH by serhangurkan at Zona Tortona Studio Piu under a curated exhibition " Temporary Museum for Design" between 21-27 April 2009. We are looking forward to exploring more into our new collection with our guest at our space.


Fetish comes out of a power dominant enough to possess us... over obessesion deep inside... touching our most fragile senses and forcing us to surrender! For some almost untouchable and risky... for others and us an undeniable reality...


We posses, we dominate and we surrender... sometimes to a soul, sometimes to an object... Our collection has come alive out of the energy that erupted... and we belive believe it lives in the objects of our FETISH Collection.


We would like to take further the relationship between us and objects... it is a process of possession, obsession and domination. a new form that puts forward the role of furniture in our lives- a news form that feeds them all. this is only starting point and the rest of the story is nigh to progress with the new owners of our objects.  



Our characters


Madame Bovary

Brave enough to declare her uncontrollable lust...

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Graceful yet naive enough to reveal flurry




Tommy the Spider

a controlling creature with the energy coming from his dark side



Come and meet our new characters at Zona Tortona! Let's play!