09 Feb 2017
Carlotta Deli, Akmerkez AVM

07 Feb 2017
Berna-Onur Home, Maya Residence

09 Dec 2016
Mixer Art Gallery, First concept gallery in Istanbul.

 As a Gmg Team we create a multi functional space. Mixer was not only a gallery space and the purpose of the space was to attract the people from all ages and all interests; not only to watch the art scene but socialize and enjoy being in the space.  The main idea was to introduce the art to the general public and to show the people that good art can be good and same time affordable. 

29 Sep 2015
Ralf Brueck

Ralf Brueck (born 1966 Düsseldorf) is a German artist.

Ralf Brueck is a younger exponent of the Düsseldorf School of Photography, which has achieved worldwide renown through Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Thomas Struth and Thomas Ruff, whose master student he became in 2002. From 1996 to 2003, he studied at the Art Academy Düsseldorf.

28 Sep 2015
Italian designer Nanda Vigo

Italian designer Nanda Vigo started her own atelier in Milan in 1959, and soon after began to exhibit her designs in many galleries and museums around Italy and Europe. She later earned her architecture degree and began formulating her own theory of space and time, autonomous to artistic practice. Her more recent designs have stemmed from this exploration, focusing on sensory impulses through materials such as glass, mirrors, and neon lights. She has famously collaborated with Italian designer Gio Ponti, as well as Arte Povera pioneers Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni; she was featured in multiple iterations of the Triennale di Milano, as well as the Venice Biennale in 1982.

28 Sep 2015
Garagenatelier in Herdern

If, by any chances James Bond would like to park his car in Herdern, Switzerland, he would most certainly do it classy at 'Garagenatelier' by Peter Kunz

28 Sep 2015
Tubakuba Mountain Hub / OPA Form

From the architect. Overview : Hovering above the city, hidden behind trees in the forest of Bergen's most famous mountain; through a tuba-tunnel, you can enter a wooden bubble. One night, just for you and your kids. The project is the result of a design-build workshop at Bergen School of Architecture lead by Espen Folgerø at OPA Form architects.

28 Sep 2015
Junya Watanabe / Spring 2015

If André Courrèges had married Polly Maggoo, from the 1966 film’s title, what would their progeny look like now – in the 21st century?

Junya Watanabe had the answer with his shiny geometric plates and 3D patent and PVC fabrics. The transparent helmets alone turned his models, with just one eye colourfully made up, into space-age astronauts. - See more at: http://www.vogue.it/suzy-menkes/suzy-menkes/2014/09/junya-watanabe-a-journey-into-space#sthash.uWAh9bzd.dpuf

28 Sep 2015
Luka Krizek, Vodofone CEC / IO studio

The project of Vodafone Costumer Experience Center has won Grand Prix of Czech Architects award. The interior design was etablished for the presentation purposes to the valued clients of Vodafone. The created platform allows the company’s clients to get a personalised and tailored tour which reflects their individual needs and provides them with a ‘know how’ portfolio of the telecomunication technology and services.

for more details -  http://goo.gl/qeHxff